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Blue Cross Blue Shield Cocaine Addiction Rehab Insurance Coverage

Cocaine is an illegal recreational drug that can cause significant damage to the heart and brain. This highly addictive drug entices users to behave irrationally during the high. Cocaine users who become addicted may neglect personal responsibilities or activities they were once passionate about in order to pursue the next high. It is estimated that 14% of adults have used cocaine in their lifetime, and 1 in 40 have used it in the past 12 months.

Cocaine addiction impacts both the user and those who love and care about the addict. If you or someone you know is suffering from cocaine addiction, get help today by learning about what options are available and where treatment therapy can be obtained through your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policy.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Cocaine Rehab Treatment?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a nationwide network of insurance providers, each of which determines its own level of coverage. The shot answer is yes, BCBS does cover rehab for cocaine addiction. BCBS insurance policies do typically provide at least some coverage for the treatment of cocaine addiction, but you’ll need to refer to your specific policy statements to understand your personal plan.

Basically, the level of coverage depends on the specific plan held by the individual. Covered benefits could include medication, psychotherapies, and inpatient or outpatient treatment options.

Because cocaine addiction is very difficult to overcome, inpatient treatment is often necessary. Currently, the FDA has not approved any drug for the treatment of cocaine; however, there are a number of drugs that can help with the recovery process and may be recommended if they are covered under the insurance policy.

Check Your BCBS Cocaine Rehab Coverage Online

Before you decide which cocaine rehab center might be best for your needs, it’s important to check your insurance benefits to understand what costs are covered by your insurance provider, and which ones you are responsible for. Knowing exactly what Blue Cross Blue Shield plans cover can give you peace of mind while you or your loved one is in a rehab center. You can do the work of getting and staying sober without worrying about unexpected costs or financial struggles.

Inpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient Cocaine Treatment

“It is estimated that 14% of adults have used cocaine in their lifetime, and 1 in 40 have used it in the past 12 months.”
Cocaine is a highly addictive substance and often requires intense therapy and treatment programs to overcome.

In these cases, inpatient or outpatient treatment may be necessary to provide long-term recovery. Inpatient programs offer 24-hour care in a safe environment where all activity is monitored. This helps the user get past the intense withdrawal symptoms and develop coping skills that can be used once they re-enter society.

Without these skills, the patient may be at risk of relapse. Outpatient programs offer similar treatment options without the patient staying at the facility. They receive counseling, medication, group therapy, and coping skills while still being able to meet their other obligations like work and family.

Choosing a treatment program is ultimately up to the individual and their family. When the individual realizes they need help and wants to quit, the odds of long-term recovery are significantly higher.

Will Out of State Cocaine Rehabs Accept BCBS Insurance?

In many cases, Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for cocaine rehab treatment will be determined by whether the treatment program is considered an in-network or out-of-network for the patient’s specific policy. This is, of course, a significant factor, but the needs of the individual must be the primary consideration for each decision.

In-network options will provide the highest level of insurance coverage leaving the family with the lowest out-of-pocket expenses. Out-of-network providers are generally covered at a lower level than those that are in-network. Insurance does not cover the cost of transportation to and from the selected cocaine addiction treatment center.

What If I Have No Insurance?

blue cross blue shield insurance coverage for cocaine addiction treatmentMost communities offer 12 step programs that are free for everyone. These can help either before or after a treatment program has been completed. For some, this support is enough to break the addiction.

For others, more intense treatment is required. Finding a treatment program that charges on a sliding scale based on the individual’s income, is one way to keep costs down. Another is to look for a treatment program that offers financial assistance or scholarships.

Most programs offer payment plans and accept credit cards. Speaking with the director of the program or the financial department of the treatment facility is a good way to explore the options.

Questions and Answers About BCBS Cocaine Rehab

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