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Health Plan of Nevada Drug and Alcohol Rehab Insurance Coverage

Health Plan of Nevada is an insurance company offering individual plans and a Medicaid plan. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug use and are considering drug treatment in Nevada, you will likely have some type of coverage. To learn more specific coverage information, you can contact a Health Plan of Nevada representative for details or verify your benefits below.

What Is Health Plan of Nevada?

The Health Plan of Nevada is an insurance company that is part of the United Healthcare group and offers individual plans and a Medicaid plan.1

Individual plans have several benefits such as a $0 or low deductible for certain preventive services including annual physical exams, disease and care management, immunizations, and more. Health Plan of Nevada boasts the largest provider network in the state.2

Medicaid is state-based insurance that offers access to healthcare coverage for lower-income residents. Health Plan of Nevada offers a Medicaid plan used by Nevada Medicaid.3 This plan includes the largest provider network in Nevada, making it easier to get care even if members have a lower income. Other benefits include rides to appointments, a Boys & Girls Club for children, and Visa gift cards for certain wellness visits.4

Does Health Plan of Nevada Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

If you struggle with substance use, you may wonder if Health Plan of Nevada covers rehab treatment. The good news is insurance providers like Health Plan of Nevada are required to provide coverage for behavioral health treatment (e.g., counseling and psychotherapy), mental and behavioral health inpatient services, and treatment for SUDs.5

Some of the most common types of rehab that may be covered by Health Plan of Nevada include:6,7

  • Detox programs: A patient’s continuum of care may sometimes include detox. The detox process can vary in both ease and duration, so patients are supervised to ensure they are safe.
  • Inpatient rehab: With inpatient rehab, patients live at the facility and receive intensive, structured care and therapy around the clock.
  • Outpatient rehab: Outpatient rehab allows patients to live at home while they attend treatment at a facility during the day.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): With this type of program, patients attend treatment a few times a week, typically while living at an assisted living facility.
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): With this type of program, patients attend treatment 5 to 7 days a week, typically for several hours at a time. This option is more intensive than an IOP and may be good for patients who would benefit from a stronger level of support.
  • Aftercare: Aftercare helps ensure patients maintain recovery and identify ways to prevent relapse.

Check Your Health Plan of Nevada Rehab Coverage

Choosing the right rehab for your unique needs that is also in-network with your Health Plan of Nevada plan can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, most insurance companies cover at least part, if not all, of the cost of rehab. The amount covered varies depending on your specific policy, but you can check your coverage by calling the number on the back of your insurance card, verifying your insurance online, or filling out the form below.

What Addiction Rehab Centers Take Health Plan of Nevada?

There are rehabs nationwide. Whether you are looking to attend a rehab near you or travel out of state, you can contact the specific rehab to verify your insurance is accepted.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) has drug and alcohol rehab facilities throughout the U.S. If you have insurance through Health Plan of Nevada, the following AAC facilities accept this insurance:

  • AdCare Rhode Island: With a variety of locations in the state, AdCare Rhode Island offers high-quality addiction treatment in a secure environment.
  • Desert Hope Treatment Center: Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Desert Hope Treatment Center provides individualized rehabilitation treatment.
  • Recovery First Treatment Center: Located in Hollywood, Florida, Recovery First Treatment Center is a leading alcohol and drug rehabilitation center offering high-quality addiction treatment.

Do Addiction Rehab Centers Need to be In-Network?

Can you attend a rehab center if it’s not in-network with Health Plan of Nevada? In short, yes, but your insurance plan may not provide coverage. That means you may be responsible for the cost of treatment.

Because Health Plan of Nevada has a wide provider network, it’s likely that you will be able to find a facility in their network that will cover your costs. Most insurance plans provide little to no coverage outside of provider networks. It’s important to check with your insurance plan before you commit to a program.8

Does Health Plan of Nevada Cover Mental Health Treatment?

Yes, Health Plan of Nevada covers mental health treatment for members. The goal is to promote a balanced sense of overall wellness. Some of the behavioral health benefits include:9

  • Crisis intervention and stabilization.
  • Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Inpatient and outpatient services.
  • Mental health and substance use services.
  • Online education and resources.

Health insurance companies must provide coverage for mental health and substance use disorders (SUDs) as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These coverages are considered one of the 10 essential health benefits that all plans must offer.5

Does Health Plan of Nevada Cover Private and Luxury Rehabs?

There are times when private rehab or luxury rehab might be the best option for your needs. These programs may cost more, but your insurance may provide some coverage. Whatever rehab you choose, it’s important to verify your coverage benefits online so you can know what to expect in terms of coverage.

How Much of the Rehab Cost Does Health Plan of Nevada Cover?

Everyone’s rehab needs are unique. For example, some patients may require in-depth treatment and longer stays at a treatment center, while other patients may do well with an outpatient option for care. Programs will have different prices, so it’s not always easy to know the cost. Coverage through Health Plan of Nevada differs depending on your specific plan. However, many plans require you to meet your deductible before they will pay a percentage of all costs after.10

What Should I Do If the Cost of Rehab Is Not Fully Covered?

Your health insurance can help make rehab more affordable but may not cover 100% of the cost of care. Not everyone has access to insurance that covers the full cost of rehab, but everyone deserves access to treatment. Fortunately, there are several ways you can pay.

Many facilities offer sliding scale options. You can also research grants, loans, and scholarships. Rehab is an investment in your future, and the cost shouldn’t hold you back.

Learn More About Your Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options

AAC is dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction connect with the treatment programs and rehabs that can help them. If you want to learn more about addiction treatment or have questions about your Health Plan of Nevada care coverage, contact us at to speak to an admissions navigator. You can also get personalized text support if you’re not ready to talk.

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