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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma: Rehabs in OK That Take BCBS

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Oklahoma provides healthcare coverage to more than 825,000 individuals and families throughout the state. If you’re a BCBS of Oklahoma member and are struggling with drug or alcohol use, your insurance plan may cover some, if not all, of the cost of addiction treatment. This page will help you understand the types of addiction treatment your insurance plan may cover, including detox, inpatient and outpatient rehab, and long-term residential treatment.

Oklahoma is home to nearly 4 million residents, making it the 28th most populous state in the country.1 Located in the south-central region of the U.S., popular Oklahoma landmarks include the Tulsa Zoo, Turner Falls, and the Oklahoma Aquarium. Approximately 24% of Oklahoma is forest, and the largest cities include the capital Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow, Lawton, Norman, and Tulsa.2

Yet, despite these attractions, many Oklahomans struggle with drug and alcohol use. Approximately 6.4% of Oklahoma residents (200,000 people) have an alcohol use disorder (AUD), while 2.3% of residents (74,000 people) report being dependent on or misusing illicit drugs.3

Of those who struggle with substance use, only a small percentage seek treatment (e.g., rehab) to address their addiction. In 2015, only 15% received treatment for illicit drug use, and only 7.2% received treatment for alcohol use.3

The good news is, help is available. Seeking treatment is a courageous first step on your journey to a life free from substance use. Although recovery looks different for everyone, it often involves detox and rehab. If you’re a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma member, your insurance plan may provide full or partial coverage for detox, inpatient and outpatient rehab, and long-term residential treatment programs.4

What Is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma has been providing affordable, quality healthcare to Oklahomans since 1929. Today, BCBS of Oklahoma provides healthcare plans to more than 825,000 residents and is the state’s largest and oldest private health insurer.5

BCBS Oklahoma is a division of Health Care Service Corporation and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), a nationwide federation of 35 independent and locally operated BCBS companies. Collectively, the BCBSA provides healthcare coverage for 1 in 3 Americans.5

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma Cover Rehab Treatment?

Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma covers at least some of the costs of rehab and other addiction treatment.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all health insurance companies must provide at least partial coverage for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment.6 The law mandates that treatment for SUD and other mental health conditions is an essential health benefit.6 This means that as a BCBS of Oklahoma member, at least some of the costs of addiction treatment will be covered by your insurance plan.

How much coverage is provided for rehab and other addiction treatment depends on the specific BCBS of Oklahoma plan you have. Your plan may require you to meet deductibles and cover the costs of co-pays, for example.

BCBS of Oklahoma also offers a behavioral health program that provides education, resources, and support to members who wish to access treatment for mental health and SUD.7

To learn about your Oklahoma of BCBS coverage for addiction treatment, call the number on the back of your insurance card to speak with a representative. They can walk you through the details of your insurance plan to help you understand what is covered and what you may be responsible for paying out of pocket.

Alternatively, you can call American Addiction Centers (AAC), available 24/7 at , to speak with an admissions navigator who can verify your insurance and discuss treatment options.

Types of Addiction Treatment That Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma May Cover

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) requires all health insurers, including BCBS of Oklahoma, to provide coverage for mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) treatments the same way medical and surgical care is covered.8 Finances should never be a barrier to accessing treatment, and the MHPAEA ensures those who need access to SUD treatment can get the help they need.

The types of addiction treatment that may be covered by your BCBS of Oklahoma plan include:4

  • Medical detox: Although not everyone needs medical detox, for some patients, it’s an essential way to begin treatment. Medical detox employs prescription medications to help you comfortably and safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol. This can help prepare you for the next phase of treatment, such as inpatient or outpatient rehab.
  • Inpatient treatment programs: Inpatient rehab is provided in a residential setting. You will attend individual and group therapy while living at a rehab facility. Learning the root of your addiction and healthy coping mechanisms to support your ongoing sobriety are integral parts of inpatient treatment.
  • Outpatient programs: Most outpatient programs are held during the evening hours, allowing you to attend to family, school, or work responsibilities during the day. Time commitment and structure vary depending on the program you attend.
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP): IOPs allow you to live at home and attend treatment at a facility approximately 3 to 4 hours a day, several days a week.
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP): PHPs allow you to live at home while attending treatment approximately 5 days a week for 4 to 6 hours each day.
  • Aftercare: Once you have completed an inpatient or outpatient rehab program, aftercare provides ongoing support to help prevent relapse and encourage long-term sobriety.

Exactly how much of your treatment costs are covered by your insurance plan depends on the plan you have. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to learn more about what your plan covers. Or call us American Addiction Centers at to speak with an admissions navigator who can verify your insurance for you.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma Cover Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Yes. As a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma member, your plan will cover some, if not all, of the costs of your treatments for mental health conditions and substance use disorder, as mandated by the MHPAEA.8

Nearly 50% of people struggling with drug or alcohol use also have a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).9 This is referred to as “dual diagnosis.”

Many people with a mental health disorder often turn to substances like drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication.9 For this reason, it’s important to treat both conditions concurrently. Rehab facilities throughout the country provide treatment for those living with dual diagnoses. These facilities take a comprehensive approach that properly addresses and treats both conditions together.

How to Check Your Blue Shield of Oklahoma Coverage for Rehab

Finding a treatment facility can feel overwhelming, but knowing in advance what your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma insurance will cover can give you peace of mind. The good news is that checking your coverage is easy. To learn about your specific coverage in Oklahoma or out of state, contact an admissions navigator at , or fill out the form below.

Which Rehab Centers Take Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma members have access to a large network of healthcare providers in Oklahoma and throughout the U.S., including rehab facilities that treat addiction.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) works with a variety of insurance providers, including BCBS. This means AAC may be an in-network provider through your BCBS of Oklahoma plan at the following facilities:

  • Adcare Rhode Island: This facility offers high-quality addiction treatment with a variety of rehab programs, detox and therapy types, and amenities in Rhode Island.
  • Desert Hope Treatment Center: This is a premier drug and alcohol detox and rehab facility that provides individualized treatment to meet your needs in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Greenhouse Treatment Center: This has individualized drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation in Dallas, Texas, with a variety of addiction treatment services and therapies.
  • Laguna Treatment Center: Located in Laguna Beach, California, this facility offers high-quality addiction treatment in a secure, supportive environment.
  • Oxford Treatment Center: Get the addiction treatment, support, and care you need in this serene, calming environment in Etta, Mississippi.
  • River Oaks Treatment Center: Located near Tampa, Florida, this treatment facility has everything you are looking for in an addiction treatment program at a leading facility with advanced accreditations.
  • Sunrise House Treatment Center: High-quality individualized addiction treatment plans are available at this premier addiction center in Lafayette, New Jersey.

You deserve all the support you can get on your journey to recovery. American Addiction Centers is committed to helping you beat the cycle of addiction so you can live a happier, healthier life. Our admissions navigators are available at to help you get started today.

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