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We know why you’re here – we’ve been there before

Our admissions navigators are available 24/7 to help you figure out the next steps on your path toward sobriety. We work with people every day who are struggling with addiction and help them navigate their road toward recovery.

We’re here to listen.

When you call, our admissions navigators are here to listen to your story. They take the time necessary to understand your experiences. From your first call to our helpline to your first day at treatment, your admissions navigator will be with you the entire way.

We’ll work with you to create an individualized plan.

Each admissions navigator has knowledge about addiction, and many even are in recovery themselves. They will assess your situation and work with you to create a treatment plan specifically geared to your needs and challenges.

We’re here to support you—not to judge.

Addiction can be isolating and lonely; it can even cause embarrassment or shame. But we’re here to let you know you are not alone, and addiction is not an expression of who you are. Our admissions navigators have worked with and supported many people who have stories like yours.

You have an opportunity to be heard.

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Our admissions team is experienced, educated, and compassionate, and they are ready to help you begin to move beyond your addiction toward a life free from substance abuse. This is your chance to speak up, share your story, and be heard. Our admissions navigators will listen and empathize with your experience.

Watch this video to get an inside look at the people behind the voice on the phone.

If you’re unsure about reaching out, check out these remarkable success stories.

You could have the next success story. If you are ready to take the first step toward recovery, we are here to listen and guide you. American Addiction Centers has a free and confidential helpline that is available 24/7 to those who are struggling with addiction.
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