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Aetna Mississippi: Addiction Rehab Centers in MS that Take Aetna Insurance

For many, the path to recovery involves going to detox and rehab. But this sometimes comes at a cost. Fortunately, if you have a health insurance plan, such as an Aetna Mississippi plan, you may be able to use your insurance to cover at least some of the cost of detox, inpatient/outpatient rehab, or long-term residential treatment programs.
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Aetna Mississippi: Rehab Centers in MS that Take Aetna Insurance

Nearly 3 million people call Mississippi, the Magnolia State, home.1 Of those, approximately 6.3% reported past-year substance misuse, which is 1.1% lower than the U.S. average.2 Specifically, 4.4% of the Mississippi population aged 12 and older reported past-year alcohol use disorder (AUD), 2.4% reported past-year illicit drug use disorder, 0.6% reported past-year opioid use disorder (OUD), and 3.9% reported past-year misuse of prescription pain relievers.2 What these statistics mean is that if you’re struggling with addiction, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of Mississippians are also struggling. What’s more, in 2019, on a single-day count, there were 6,179 people enrolled in substance abuse treatment.2

What Is Aetna Mississippi?

Aetna is a nationwide health insurance provider that was founded in 1853 and began as an annuity fund for selling life insurance.3 It wasn’t until 46 years later, in 1899, that Aetna offered its first health insurance policy.3 In 2018, CVS completed its acquisition of Aetna, allowing the two companies to build an open healthcare model that is community-based.3

Today, approximately 39 million people nationwide rely on Aetna for health insurance.4 Aetna provides a variety of health insurance plans and services, including medical, pharmacy, and dental plans, Medicare plans, Medicaid services, behavioral health programs, and medical management plans.4

While Aetna Mississippi isn’t a formal name for Aetna plans offered in Mississippi, the term refers to Aetna plans that Mississippians may carry. Because Aetna offers plan options in every market—private, Marketplace, Medicare, and Medicaid—there are a variety of different plan types and coverages that may be available. Be sure to call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify your specific plan details and coverage.

Does Aetna Cover Rehab Treatment in Mississippi?

Under the federal healthcare law called the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most health plans in the United States, including Aetna Mississippi plans, must provide some level of coverage for what are considered to be essential health benefits (EHBs).5 Of the 10 EHBs, mental and behavioral health services are considered to be one of those.5

This means that services and treatment for mental and behavioral health disorders, including substance use disorder (SUD), must be covered in some capacity under your Aetna Mississippi plan.6 It is important to note that your plan may limit coverage to in-network providers and you may owe a deductible before coverage kicks in.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a top provider of addiction treatment services in the country and has a rehab in Mississippi. Oxford Treatment Center comprises two campuses, one of which is located in Etta, MS, and the other is located in Oxford, MS. The Oxford Treatment Centers (both campuses) work with a variety of insurers. This means that your Aetna plan may be accepted at this facility, allowing you to obtain full or partial coverage for your rehab services, depending on your plan.

What Types of Substance Addiction Does Rehab Treatment Cover?

The extent of your Aetna Mississippi plan coverage for substance addiction treatment will vary based on the plan that you have. Despite this, your Aetna Mississippi plan should cover at least a portion of the cost of treatment for addiction to various substances, including alcohol, marijuana, opioids, heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and prescription drugs. Be sure to check with an Aetna representative to learn more about your specific plan’s coverage details.

What Rehab Programs Does Aetna Mississippi Cover?

No two paths to recovery are the same, which means that no two rehab programs are the same. What’s more, because there are so many different types of Aetna Mississippi plans across the various markets, there’s no standardized length and limit of coverage for rehab programs. Despite this, there are a few common types of addiction treatment that your Aetna Mississippi plan may cover, including:7,8

  • Medical detox: Detox occurs in a medically supervised setting to provide treatment for withdrawal symptoms as needed. Medical detox is performed to help rid the body of substances (e.g., drugs and/or alcohol).
  • Inpatient treatment programs: This type of program generally involves a patient staying overnight at a facility to receive around-the-clock care. This program can take a few days to a few months.
  • Outpatient programs: This type of program generally involves a patient visiting a facility 1 or 2 times per week to receive care and then returning home.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs): In an IOP, a patient receives more intensive care than a standardized outpatient program by attending a minimum number of hours of sessions each week but without staying overnight in a facility.
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs): Also referred to as day programs, PHPs typically involve a patient attending a facility for 4–8 hours per day, multiple days per week to receive the medically supervised care they need without staying overnight.
  • Aftercare: Any type of ongoing or follow-up care (e.g., sober living) that’s received after rehab is completed is typically considered to be aftercare.

Does Aetna in MS Cover Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Due to the ACA’s mandate, Aetna Mississippi plans should cover some, if not all, mental health and dual diagnosis options for treatment. When a patient has a diagnosis of at least two co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, or trauma, and an SUD, it’s referred to as a dual diagnosis.9

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), when a patient has both a mental health disorder and an SUD at the same time, it’s referred to as a co-occurring condition.9 Researchers estimate about 50% of those who experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime will also experience a substance use disorder, and vice versa.9 Because the conditions can exacerbate or influence each other, many recommend treating both conditions at once, which is called dual diagnosis treatment.9

Which Rehab Centers in Mississippi Take Aetna Insurance?

Because Aetna is a nationwide insurance provider, you may be able to find rehab centers in Mississippi and around the country that take your Aetna Insurance plan. What’s more, AAC works with a variety of insurers, including Aetna, so your Aetna MS plan may be accepted at AAC facilities across the country. Some of the notable AAC facilities that offer drug and alcohol rehab include:

  • AdCare Rhode Island: Located in Rhode Island, AdCare AAC facilities comprise four campuses, one of which provides inpatient care (North Kingstown), while the other three provide outpatients services (South Kingstown, Warwick, and Greenville). There are a variety of services provided at the campuses, which include medical detox, inpatient residential, IOP, PHP, co-occurring treatment, outpatient care, and telehealth treatment.
  • Greenhouse Treatment Center: Located in Texas across two campuses, the Greenhouse Treatment Center is the only one of the 86 facilities in Texas to provide a specialized rehab program for the LGBTQ community. Aside from this specialized program, as well as programs designed for Christians and veterans/first responders, there are other programs with outpatient, residential, and aftercare services.
  • Laguna Treatment Hospital: Located in a beachside location in California, the Laguna Treatment Hospital is one of the few (only 15%) in California to provide medical detox services, as well as aftercare planning and residential treatment.
  • Oxford Treatment Center: Located in Mississippi at two locations, one in Etta and one in Oxford, this AAC rehab center provides a variety of services. At the Etta location, patients can receive medical detox and residential treatment, while patients at the Oxford facility can enroll in PHP, IOP, outpatient therapy, and aftercare services.
  • Recovery First Treatment Center: Located in Hollywood, FL, this AAC facility is located about 10 minutes from the beach, which provides a serene setting for those in recovery to receive their treatments, which may include co-occurring disorder treatment, inpatient, residential and outpatient care.
  • River Oaks Treatment Center: Located in Riverview, FL, this facility focuses on holistic treatment for substance abuse, supporting spiritual, physical, and psychological recovery through AAC curriculum, physical activity, meditation, and rest.

There are rehabs near me that can provide the treatment you need. Check out the directory to find a list of facilities and programs.

How to Check My Aetna Coverage for Rehab in Mississippi

Finding a treatment facility can feel overwhelming, but knowing in advance what your Aetna insurance plan will cover can give you peace of mind. The good news is, checking your coverage is easy. To learn about your specific coverage, contact one of our admissions navigators at , click here, or fill out the form below.


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