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Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Addiction Rehab Insurance Coverage

Alcohol abuse involves neglecting your important obligations due to drinking, including drinking and driving. Alcohol abuse can include drinking even though it is having a negative impact on work and relationships, legal problems, and drinking as a way to de-stress.

Alcoholism involves an increased tolerance to alcohol — meaning it takes more alcohol in order to feel the same effect. Withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is not consumed can include uncontrolled shaking, irritability, jumpiness, sweating, nausea, depression, fatigue or headaches. Loss of control, inability to stop drinking and neglecting activities that used to be important are all signs of alcoholism.

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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

If you’re wondering whether Blue Cross Blue Shield provides rehab coverage for alcoholism, the short answer is yes. It is likely that your Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab insurance plan does provide at least partial coverage for your alcohol rehab treatment. The coverage varies from plan to plan and type of rehab treatment such as inpatient, outpatient, short-term or long-term rehab. It’s therefore important that you learn more about your specific plan and what types of substance abuse rehab programs it covers. Chances are you, you’ll have to pay some out-of-pocket expenses.

Alcohol Rehab Programs Covered by BCBS

Blue Cross Blue Shield alcohol rehab coverage can include counseling, behavior modification treatment, inpatient and outpatient care. Coverage for these programs varies between plans. In addition to rehab plans, 12-step programs through Alcoholics Anonymous have also provided ongoing support and have a great deal of success for those who take the program seriously.

Unlike physical disorders where medication can solve the problem, alcoholism requires a lot of work from the person who is suffering from the illness.

Check Your BCBS Alcohol Rehab Coverage Online, an American Addiction Centers resource, has a relationship with Blue Cross Blue Shield and may be able to help you get into one of our treatment programs for alcoholism. Call one of our admissions navigators at or check to see if you are covered by going to our online benefit verification form.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab vs Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism involves an increased tolerance to alcohol — meaning it takes more alcohol in order to feel the same effect.”
Inpatient treatment programs offer a safe environment that enables the user to break the addiction and become sober.

Patients also learn valuable life skills to help manage stress and recognize triggers that will create a strong urge to drink again. With both inpatient and outpatient programs, maintaining abstinence after treatment is the key.

Taking alcohol out of the picture and staying away from environments that trigger drinking provide the highest levels of success. Outpatient programs offer many of the same treatment options without the overnight stay.

This allows the patient to fulfill other obligations like work and family while getting the help they need. Deciding on which treatment program is best depends on the severity of alcohol abuse and the individual’s commitment to changing behavior.

Do Private Alcohol Rehab Centers Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance?

This will depend on the coverage of the particular policy in question and whether the treatment facility is in-network with BCBS. Some of the coverage options center on whether the program is considered in-network or out-of-network. For in-network programs, the coverage will be much higher than an out-of-network choice.

Since insurance typically does not pay for transportation to and from the treatment center, finding a program that will provide the maximum level of insurance coverage balanced with the best treatment option for the individual are all things to consider when choosing a particular program.

Paying for Alcohol Rehab With Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield encompasses many different providers across the country, and each provider’s coverage is a little bit different. Many do offer coverage for the treatment of alcohol-related problems in both group and individual policies. Group plans often offer coverage similar to hospital stays for medical issues.

Each policy will have individual limits, co-pays, deductibles and maximums per day and per stay. These limits will vary depending on the policy and the state. Coverage can also vary depending on the rehab treatment program. If the program is considered in-network, coverage will be higher than for programs that are deemed out-of-network.

More Questions About BCBS Alcohol Addiction Rehab Insurance?

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Insurance Providers and Rehab Treatment Coverage Levels

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