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Humana Alcohol Addiction Rehab Insurance Coverage

Alcoholism is an extremely dangerous condition that can irreparably damage the lives of addicts and those around them. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported above 37,000 alcohol-induced deaths in 2007 alone with no signs of that number waning.

On a more hopeful note between 2002 and 2012 alcohol abuse rates have declined 7.7 percent2, so the trend of recovery and rejection of alcoholism as a lifestyle choice is encouraging. Getting help now is the best action individual suffering from alcoholism can take, but unfortunately, there is the initial barrier of sorting out the best insurance options.

Does Humana Cover Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

If you have Humana Insurance, your insurance plan will without a doubt provide at least partial coverage for your alcohol abuse rehab treatment needs. How much your insurance will cover will vary greatly depending on your individual plan. It’s important to contact Humana Insurance if you have any questions about your coverage.

Humana Insurance for alcohol addiction treatment will cover all traditional forms of treatment that are in-network. This included inpatient, outpatient and residential treatments along with anything recommended by a doctor. is a subsidiary of American Addiction Centers (AAC), a leading provider in alcohol addiction treatment and recovery. AAC is in-network with many of the top insurance providers in the U.S. including Humana Insurance. You can check to see if your Humana Insurance covers alcohol addiction treatment.

Humana Rehab Coverage Levels for Alcohol Addiction

Humana coverage for alcohol addiction rehab/treatment largely depends on many different variables. What kind of treatment you are seeking, where you live and what plan you select all impact the amount of coverage offered by Humana Insurance. Humana Insurance does definitely provide coverage for alcohol addiction treatment because it is required by law to do so. But how much really depends on the plan a patient chooses.

If you’re wondering what kind of coverage Humana insurance can offer for alcoholism, this article is dedicated to sorting out what kind of coverage you can generally expect for Humana Insurance. We will navigate you through the basics of Humana Insurance coverage, so individuals can begin deciding if this carrier may be a good one for their needs

Checking Your Humana Insurance Coverage

Knowing exactly what Humana Insurance plans cover can give you peace of mind while you or your loved one is in rehab. You can do the work of getting and staying sober without worrying about unexpected costs or financial struggles. For more information on Humana Insurance plans and to check what your plan covers, call , click here, or fill out the form below.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab vs. Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Choosing an inpatient or outpatient therapy for alcoholism is something that is highly individualized, so there is no one set answer as to which treatment is preferable. With inpatient treatments, addicts get the benefits of constant medical and psychological treatment along with a supportive environment.

Outpatient treatments allow patients to go on with their regular lives while learning how to manage their own addictions in the real world. Both forms of treatments have their advantages and disadvantages, so the final decision should be discussed between a patient and their doctor.

Finding Alcohol Rehabs That Take Humana Insurance

Humana Insurance for alcohol addiction rehab will cover rehab centers and treatments anywhere locally or out-of-state as long as it is in-network. Check with each individual rehab center to see if the facility is covered by Humana Insurance.

(Please note: strives to provide you with the most updated information on each carriers’ addiction insurance coverage but policy changes and errors do occur. Please check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm coverage levels. is an informational site only and is not affiliated or sponsored by Humana.)

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