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DOT Caring Centers, Inc.

Since I was there it's been 5 years and almost 2 months since I picked up a needle ty for saving my life Dot. Even though I left b 4 I was ready for health reasons it was ur facility and my great counselor that I haven't relapsed and went back to iv use. Ty so much...5 fricken years ty ty ty

- Amber
4 out of 5
Freeland, MI

A Forever Recovery

Before my sister went to A Forever Recovery I was just waiting for that phone call telling me she had died. My sister has struggled with addiction for 15 years now and the rehabs she’s been to in the past just haven’t helped her. The first time she went to rehab, about 15 years ago it was for methamphetamine. She went through that program and made a lot of friends. The program with that though is that she made a lot of friends who were recovering drug addicts. When she finished her program and went to hang out with a couple of them she started doing other drugs with them. The second time she went to rehab it was for pain pills. She had just been taking them orally. The next time she went to rehab she had been shooting pain pills. Now, with or without these friends she would have relapsed. It’s not on the programs she went to but on her and after her going through so many programs and just getting worse and worse when my parents decided to send her to A Forever Recovery I wasn’t too optimistic about her getting better. She’s gone through the program though and I can honestly say that I am pleasantly surprised at how she is doing. She’s been clean longer this time than after any of her earlier programs. She’s seems genuinely happy for a change and is actively working on her recovery. When she’s having a bad day she calls someone who can help her get through it without resorting to old behaviors. She still talks to her counselor there and I really appreciate that 6 months after finishing her program if she calls her old counselor he is willing to take time out of his day to sit down and talk to her. I love my sister and yet before she went to AFR I hated who she had become and I actively worked towards not being around her. I see her now and I’m so happy. She’s my big sister again and I’m grateful to have her back in my life.

- Molly
5 out of 5
Battle Creek, MI

House of Commons

Plenty of food and candy, able to talk on phone, counselors help with setup for getting out, small facility Counselors don't spend any time with family and not even a daily visit with patient, patients rarely get to go outside, no literature available to read They'll only let you stay 60 days if you have medicaid, 90 days are reserved for prison exits... seems dumb since most withdrawals take 60 days and they have no detox program.

- Kncb
4 out of 5
Mason, MI