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    More Info About Rehab in Huber Heights

    Meet the Pros
    Alli Rice
    Alli Rice
    Case Manager
    Recovery Institute of Ohio
    Allison is a treatment professional with 2 years of experience in helping the addict through their most troubled times. She has personal knowledge of addiction and has obtained multiple trainings and certifications. Allison holds her CDCA licensure through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. Allison’s goal as a case manager is to ensure that all the client’s outside issues are handled while in treatment to make their stay as comfortable and focused as possible. Allison is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and was brought up with good morals and a loving family. Allison started experimenting with substances in high school.
    Ohio Treatment Facts

    Ohio ranks 21st in treatment centers servicing/accepting access to Recovery (ATR) vouchers per 100,000 residents. Tennessee is ranked slightly worse, ranked 22. One spot better is New Hampshire, ranked 20 in the U.S.

    When adjusted for population, Ohio ranks 28th in treatment centers servicing/accepting sliding fee scale. The US National Average is ranked slightly worse, ranked 29. Delaware is ranked slightly better, ranked 27.

    For medicare clients, Ohio ranks 30th in population-adjusted treatment centers. Hawaii is ranked slightly worse, ranked 31. South Dakota is just 1 spot better, ranked 29 out of the United States.

    Ohio is 31st among U.S. states in treatment centers servicing or accepting adolescents. Michigan is ranked one spot worse at spot 32. Connecticut is just 1 spot better, ranked 30 out of the United States.

    Ohio ranks 34th in treatment centers servicing/accepting federal military insurance per 100,000 residents. Tennessee is ranked slightly worse, ranked 35. Maryland is ranked one spot better at spot 33.

    More Info
    Researching Huber Heights Rehab Clinics You might believe that the only people who use drugs, and who therefore need the help of Huber Heights drug rehab programs, are people who are destitute and about to lose their homes. The truth is that addictions can happen to almost anyone, and as a study in the journal Addiction Research and Theory makes clear, addictions can cause a serious amount of damage even if the user never "hits bottom." In this study, many users escalated and then de-escalated their use, without ever becoming sober.

    Perhaps if these people had entered Huber Heights drug treatment centers and gotten the help they needed, they could have stopped this cycle once and for all.

    Comparing Holistic and Traditional Rehabs

    Admitting that you have an addiction might be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, but when that step is done, you'll have more work ahead of you. Next, you'll need to choose a Huber Heights treatment center. In order to make that choice, you'll need to determine what sort of care you'd like to receive. Where traditional programs might provide you with familiar care involving medications, support groups and talk therapy, holistic programs might add in alternative medicine techniques such as:

    • Yoga
    • Animal-assisted therapy
    • Art therapy
    • Biofeedback
    How Can My Family Help?

    The people you love may want to help you during this difficult time, and there are some things they can do to smooth your path to sobriety. For example, they might help you look through the rehab options available, and help you select a program that seems best for you.

    Locating Rehab in Huber Height

    If you don't know where to start your search, we're here to help. Call our experts, and we'll run a customized search for the right Huber Heights drug treatment center, based on your answers to a few quick questions.