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“Unfortunately, Cooks does not list detox as one of its benefits on its promotional materials.”
If you have Cooks Children’s Health Plan and you or your child is struggling from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, your policy may cover detox. Unfortunately, Cooks does not list detox as one of its benefits on its promotional materials. However, it lists other services that may include detox. These services include the following:

  • Medical specialists
  • Access to mental health care
  • Prescription drugs and services
  • Treatment of special health needs

Does Cooks Children’s Health Plan Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

If you have a Cooks Children’s Health Plan, your policy may cover rehabilitation for a substance abuse addiction. However, in order to qualify for that type of medical attention, you may need to get a referral from your primary physician first. Cooks covers mental health issues and hospital stays, so the company may also be willing to pay for your stay at a rehabilitation center.

The amount of coverage you have can vary widely based on your state of residence, whether the facility is in- or out-of-network, the length of your stay, and your insurance plan level. The cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment will vary from person to person and will also depend on the rehab facility, the type of program attended, and specific services received.

Addiction Treatment Length Cooks Children’s Health Plan Will Cover

“When contacting us about your options, you can rest assured we will be discreet and confidential. “
Recovering from an addiction can be a long process, and according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, you may need to spend at least 30 days in treatment in order for your recovery to be successful. Unfortunately, your insurance may only be willing to cover your treatment for a set length of time. Your policy may have limits on the duration of treatment, or it may cover the entire length of treatment your doctor has advised for you. When contacting us about your options, you can rest assured we will be discreet and confidential.

Specialty Alcohol and Drug Rehab Through Cooks Children’s Health Plan

As you may be spending a lot of time on your treatment facility, you may want to choose a specific facility. There are countless exclusive facilities around the country that can offer you the amenities you need to really relax and recover. Whether you want a luxury suite or an executive setup that allows you to telecommute as necessary, you deserve to find a facility that offers those features. If you struggle from mental health issues, you may need to find a facility that offers help for that as well.

 Does Insurance Cover Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Typically, there are two kinds of treatment — inpatient and outpatient. If you decide to use the outpatient model of treatment, you will attend counseling and therapy sessions while also attending to your regular life. In most cases, however, people need to take a break from their regular lives so that they can really focus on their recovery. When you stay at an inpatient or residential facility, you give yourself the chance to truly focus on your recovery. Many insurance plans are willing to cover both types of treatment, but they may make their final decision on a case-by-case basis.

How to Cover What Insurance Won’t

If your insurance provider will not cover the cost of the substance abuse treatment you or your family members need, there is no reason to despair. Many treatment facilities offer their clients a variety of payment plans and financial options to help them cover the cost of recovery. Your treatment facility may be able to bill you in installments, or you may even be able to find a state program to help offset the cost of care.

Verifying Coverage and Finding the Best Treatment

glasses laying on top of cooks children's health plan insurance documents regarding their policy on opioid addiction treatment

If you want to learn more about what your Cooks Children’s Health Plan will cover, we can help. Our knowledgeable advisors can help you find the treatment facility that is right for your needs, and we can help you figure out whether or not your insurance will cover the cost.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, it is time to act. When you call us at , we will check your insurance coverage and help you find the assistance you need.

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