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Inpatient Residential Rehab Programs for Parent, Child and Family

Julie, a single mother, has two kids: a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old. She also struggles with substance misuse. What she doesn’t have is someone to care for her kids if she goes to rehab.

Julie wants to get help. She wants to stop misusing substances and be a better mom to her kids. But how? Who will take her kindergartner to school? Who will feed her children breakfast? Who will take care of their 24/7 needs?

Family Addiction Rehab Center Programs

There’s good news for those in Julie’s shoes. A solution is available: residential family treatment programs. These programs allow children to live at the treatment center with their parents and incorporate them into the recovery process.

Not all residential family treatment programs are alike and programs can vary in duration and intensity. However, many programs will ensure you are set up for long-term success. This includes ensuring your treatment plan meets the needs of you and your children. Your treatment plan may include a transition to inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab, where you can live at home while attending treatment during the day. It may also include a robust aftercare plan (e.g., residing in a sober living home) to help sustain your recovery efforts.

What Family Addiction Rehab Offers Single Parents

  • Family-friendly environment: Residential family treatment programs enable parents to bring their children to the facility, where they address substance misuse, teach parenting skills, and keep families together. Program durations may vary, with some offering long-term support.
  • Effective parenting techniques: Family treatment offers a supportive environment for honing new parenting skills. Residential family treatment programs typically include family therapy, parenting classes, and therapeutic activities for parents and children. Parents also receive supervised off-site time to practice these skills, preparing for life after treatment with their children.
  • Holistic approaches: Residential family treatment programs equip parents for dual responsibilities—caring for both themselves and their children post-treatment. Single parents dealing with substance misuse have diverse emotional, mental, physical, and social needs, encompassing parenting, personal, and practical aspects like employment. These programs employ diverse methods, such as life skills training, health education, relapse prevention, and building support networks.
  • Child-care: During a residential stay, children receive support as well. Specifics vary by program, but many offer individualized therapy, treatment for children’s disorders, and transportation to and from school.

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Take Advantage of Your Family Friendly Rehabilitation Options

For families like Julie and her children, inpatient residential family drug treatment is ideal. Her children are spared the trauma of separation from their mom. With the worry about childcare removed, Julie feels much more motivated to seek addiction treatment. The whole family benefits from the support provided. They can leave rehabilitation treatment with a solid foundation on which to build a life of sobriety together.

Paying for Family Rehab Centers

Paying for family rehab can feel overwhelming, but there are several options that can help you access the care you need. If you have health insurance, start by checking your policy; many plans allow you to use insurance for rehab. Some employers also provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that cover addiction treatment costs. Government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare can also provide financial assistance while nonprofit organizations may offer grants or scholarships to offset expenses.

If you are paying for addiction family rehab without insurance or if your policy doesn’t cover the full cost of treatment, you still have options. Many people pay for family rehab with personal savings or support from family and friends. Financing plans and sliding scale fees provided by rehab facilities can also make payment more manageable.

How to Find Mother and Child Residential Programs Near Me

If you are struggling with substance misuse, treatment is available. There are many inpatient family treatment centers to choose from so it’s important to consider the options best suited to your family’s needs. You can start the process of finding a family rehab center by talking to your doctor or a qualified mental health practitioner to discuss your situation and get referrals to treatment. You can also use free online tools like the SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator or our rehabs directory to search for rehabs for mother and child based on specific criteria.

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