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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Razor Ramon Get Sober

It appears that the wrestlers who get sober together enter the hall of fame together. After kicking their decades-long addictions to drugs and alcohol, Jake “The Snake” Roberts (real name: Aurelian Smith Jr.) and Razor Ramon (real name: Scott Hall) will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next month during Wrestlemania XXX.

Roberts wrestled for the WWE in the late ‘80s and ‘90s and was infamous for bringing a pet snake named Damien to all of his matches. Ramon wrestled for the WWE in the mid-‘90s and again in 2002, winning the Intercontinental Championships on four different occasions.

However, both of them were suspended and fired from the WWE on more than one occasion due to their drug use. Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer for WWE, even revealed that the company had spent more money on rehab stints for Hall (left) than any other wrestler in their history. Roberts was shown allegedly smoking crack in a motel room during the 1997 documentary Beyond the Mat, while Hall showed up so drunk for a wrestling appearance in 2011 that he needed to be helped into the ring by two men. A highly unflattering video of the incident went viral and he stayed in the hospital for three days afterwards for a reported overdose on opiates and benzodiazepines.

But both men were saved by another former wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page (real name: Dallas Page). After retiring from the sport, Page created a fitness program called DDP Yoga and personally urged Roberts to try it. After a few weeks, he invited Roberts to stay at his home and continue to get well. Despite a few brief relapses in the last 16 months, Roberts said this is the longest he’s ever been sober in his life.

“In professional wrestling, you learn how to manipulate people,” he explained. “I was in rehab three times and found it pretty easy to manipulate the counselors. But Dally is one of us. He knows my sh*t and he calls me on it.”

And for Page, who freely admits that he isn’t an addiction counselor, Roberts’ relapses don’t mean that he’s back at square one. “As far as I’m concerned, if you have 300 days in and you have four where you fall, you don’t lose those 300 days. All that talk that it’s the end of the world—f*ck that,” he said. But the last time he fell off, I said, ‘Here’s the deal. You’re telling me one of two things—you want to leave, or you want to go to meetings.’ So he started going to meetings.”

In February 2013, the duo reached out to a then-suicidal Hall and invited him out to stay near Page’s home in Smyrna, Georgia. Hall accepted the offer and believes it’s the best decision he’s ever made. “I almost died. I almost died several times. My shoulders were down, man. But I kicked out. I kicked out again,” he said. Someone upstairs obviously likes me. So maybe I should, too.”

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