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List of Famous Alcoholics

Alcoholism is an issue that has played a significant role for people in the limelight. The reasons why famous people abuse alcohol are varied. For some, the pressure is just too much and they turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. For others, it is the lifestyle that involves parties and constant socialization that causes them to turn to alcohol because it is simply something that surrounds them. The National Institutes of Health also attributes genes to the likelihood of alcoholism.

In some cases, alcohol use was responsible for the early deaths of certain famous individuals. In other cases, they went on to have long, successful careers without their drinking habits having such a grave impact.

Historical Famous Alcoholics

  • Ulysses Grant:  The 18th President of the United States went bankrupt after his presidency due to his drinking problem and was at one stage removed from the military as a result of his alcohol problem.
  • Ernest Hemingway: The famous writer was an avid drinker and it is suspected that he used other drugs as well. He was not the only writer engaged in such a lifestyle either.
  • Alexander the Great: He is one of the earliest documented cases of alcoholism by a famous person.

Actors and Actresses Who Dealt With Alcohol Abuse

  • Drew Barrymore: While she is clean today, as a teenager she was an admitted alcoholic and drug user.
  • Mel Gibson: He recently struggled with addiction and has been on the receiving end of negative press as a result.
  • Anthony Hopkins: This award-winning actor was an alcoholic earlier in his career.
  • Robert Downey Jr.: Early in his career, Robert Downey Jr. began drinking and using a variety of drugs.

Musicians Who Struggled With Alcohol

  • Steven Tyler: The lead singer of Aerosmith is now clean but admits that alcohol use was once a big part of his life due to the rock star lifestyle.
  • Eric Clapton: This famous musician is a renowned guitarist. In more recent years, he became sober and has decided to help other alcoholics and addicts with their recovery.
  • Eminem: The rapper has relapsed numerous times, after struggling to overcome his addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs.
  • Jim Morrison: The singer for the band The Doors died young in the 1970s, and his death was directly attributed to alcoholism.
  • Amy Winehouse: In 2011 the young singer passed away due to alcohol poisoning. It is believed that she had been abusing both drugs and alcohol over an extended period of time.

In addition to the above well-known people, Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees died as a result of liver cancer, and famous author Steven King suffered a long battle with alcoholism.

Treating Celebrities for Alcoholism

Oftentimes, famous people fail to get treatment for their addiction as they don’t want to admit they have a problem, and they don’t want the general public to find out that they have been suffering from such a condition. Seeking professional help in an exclusive, private, or luxury inpatient alcohol treatment facility is best for celebrities who need help away from media and paparazzi.