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Woman Busted for Hiding Cocaine… Where!?

Drug dealers and smugglers are driven by one thing: money. It’s the “anything to make a buck” attitude that leads many smugglers to use dangerous and mind-boggling delivery tactics. In a never-ending battle to stay one step ahead of the authorities, smugglers take increasingly drastic measures to distribute their products. A perfect example is last week’s drug bust in the Madrid Adolfo Suarez airport, in which a female passenger was arrested for smuggling cocaine inside her own breast implants.

A Real Cocaine Bust

Shortly after a flight from Bogotá, Colombia arrived in Madrid, its passengers began traveling through the airport’s designated security checkpoints. That’s when “the gestures and nervous behavior of a supposed female tourist” caught the eye of airport narcotics agents.” The 43-year-old Venezuelan woman was pulled aside for simple questioning and a luggage search.

After agents were unable to find any drugs or contraband hidden in the suspect’s bags, female agents conducted a body search and discovered “certain irregularities and deformations in both breasts.” At that moment, the suspect “confessed that she was carrying implants with cocaine inside,” the press release said.

The woman was immediately taken to a local hospital, where the implants were surgically removed. According to the Associated Press, authorities confirmed the female was carrying approximately 3.7 pounds of cocaine, equally divided between both breast implants. She is being detained for an alleged crime against public health.

…authorities confirmed the female was carrying approximately 3.7 pounds of cocaine, equally divided between both breast implants.

Been There, Done That

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time implants have been used as smuggling devices. In December 2012, a suspicious woman was stopped in the Barcelona airport and found to have around 3.08 pounds of cocaine hidden in her breast implants. During the body search, authorities discovered a blood-soaked bandage over her fresh surgical wounds. She accused drug traffickers of forcing her into the painful surgery and transporting the drugs.

The Risks are Enormous

Transporting cocaine inside a surgically implanted shell is downright insanity. Should the implants leak or burst, a massive dose of the stimulant drug would be absorbed by the body. This type of exposure can lead to symptoms like:

  • Bizarre, erratic, and violent behavior
  • Tremors, vertigo, muscle twitches
  • A toxic reaction resembling amphetamine poisoning
  • A fatal cocaine overdose via cardiac arrest or seizures related to respiratory arrest

As if the laundry list of possible drug-related complications wasn’t long enough, these “surgeries” are also being performed by untrained, black market criminals in non-sterile environments. A body-wide infection is essentially imminent. When it comes to drugs, the risks are never worth the rewards.

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