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7 Horrific Tales of Children Bringing Drugs to School

Show and tell reached new heights at a Philadelphia elementary school this week, with 20 first graders being sent to the hospital after one of their classmates brought in 11 packets of heroin.

The six-year-old girl at Commodore John Barry Elementary School was found playing with several of the heroin packets, one of which had been opened with her mouth. After the girl reported feeling ill, her teacher notified police and the rest of the class was evaluated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia before being released. It’s unclear how the girl gained access to the drugs, but police have since filed charges of endangering the welfare of a child against her mother, 32-year-old Marie Hunter, and Hunter’s boyfriend, 28-year-old Christopher Troy-Jenkins White.

Investigators who searched through Hunter’s home found the residence to be dilapidated and also discovered 18 marijuana packets. White has since had marijuana charges filed against him. Hunter has remained in police custody since Wednesday, while the girl has been cared for by DHS officials.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that small children have had big exposure to drugs. Check out six other instances of young kids bringing hard drugs to school.

    • 56-year-old Pauline Bilinkson Munion was put behind bars last April after her grandson brought nine bags of heroin into school stamped with “Victoria’s Secret.” The Pennsylvania grandma was a known heroin addict and reportedly lost the bags that were discovered by the seven-year-old. Tom Hogan, district attorney in Chester County expressed outrage that the school district reportedly didn’t call 911 or the District Attorney’s office.


    • Carrying pot in a backpack isn’t unusual for drug dealers, but a three-year-old doing so in a Minnie Mouse backpack is far more disturbing. The young girl brought 14 bags of pot into her NYC daycare last September. The brother of the girl’s father was arrested after admitting the marijuana was his and her parents were cleared of any wrongdoing.


    • Last March, New Jersey native Philip Young received guaranteed Father of the Year recommendations after his toddler son brought 48 packets of heroin into daycare. A worker at the daycare center in the town of Patterson discovered the glassine envelopes of heroin stuffed into the child’s jacket, which the boy was unaware of.


    • Last October, a four-year-old boy from Philadelphia raised alarms after bringing in eight bags of crack cocaine and $173 in cash to school. The boy showed the money to a student, who then informed his teacher, leading to the drugs being discovered. His parents were later questioned by police, but no charges were filed.


    • A 10-year-old girl in the U.K. accidentally brought her father’s cocaine stash into school for show and tell in June 2011, mistaking the white powder for candy when it was placed in the same bag as a stack of gummy bears. Her father was arrested under suspicion of being a drug dealer after other substances were found in the house and the girl was placed in the custody of her mother.


  • Last September, a young boy from Missouri brought his mother’s crack pipe and $3,700 worth of the drug into the school for show and tell. Michelle Marie Cheatham, 32, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and one count of first-degree child endangerment. She blamed her drug use on the death of her husband in a car crash earlier this year.

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