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Rehab Packing List: What to Take to Inpatient Rehab

Getting ready to spend several weeks in a treatment facility can be a frightening thought, but planning ahead can make the transition a lot easier. One concern you might have is what to bring to drug rehab.

A quick look at your chosen treatment center’s website can provide you with a basic list of what to take to rehab and what to leave at home. But by planning ahead and reading the following packing list for rehab, you can help make your stay more comfortable.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Packing List

Realizing you forgot to pack something that could have helped improve your stay in inpatient rehab can be frustrating. Here are a few tips on commonly overlooked packing necessities (and ways to avoid feeling jealous that your roommate brought cozy slippers, their favorite music for long walks, and their swimsuit for taking a dip in the pool!)

1. Pack an Old iPod

These may be hard to find today, but odds are you or someone you know has an old iPod laying around. It’s a good idea to load it up with all the music you like. For multiple reasons, most treatment centers won’t let you bring a cell phone or any kind of device that connects to the Internet. Many patients have used these devices to leave against medical advice, take photos that violate another client’s privacy, or get drugs brought into the facility. And after you get your hands on an old iPod or MP3 player, make sure you don’t forget the charger!

2. Bring Comfortable Clothes and Sneakers

You’d be surprised by the number of people who treat rehab like a fashion show. Once you get settled in, chances are you’ll want to wear sweatpants every day vs. tight, uncomfortable clothes. Additionally, a lot of treatment centers take you to the gym, and it’s pretty difficult to work out in tight jeans and high heels.

3. Pack Alcohol-Free Toiletries

Things like hand sanitizer and hairspray are high on the contraband list. These prohibited items contain denatured alcohol, which is ethyl alcohol before it’s chemically altered. During alcohol detox, people have been known to drink perfume, spray gel, or even face wash when the cravings become too overwhelming.

4. Bring a List of Important Phone Numbers

Odds are you aren’t going to have access to your personal phone to get any numbers out of it that you may need. Before you check in, take a few minutes to jot down your important contacts on a piece of paper that you can bring with you.

5. Pack a Pair of Slippers

You’re probably not going to want to lace up sneakers every time you go outside. Slippers are a necessity for taking strolls in the facility, getting your medications, or using the phone. You may even want to wear them all day, every day.

6. Bring Swimwear and Workout Clothing

Many treatment centers take patients out to have fun, that way you don’t spend every minute inside a building during treatment. Those activities might include a trip to the beach or an outdoor hiking trail. Be sure to pack a swimsuit and workout clothing, plus accessories like flip flops, hiking boots, or a hat. Be sure to ask if the treatment facility has onsite amenities and activities that may require special clothing, like yoga classes, swimming, or horseback riding.

7. Pack Reading and Writing Materials

The drug or alcohol addiction treatment facility may emphasize and/or allow certain types of reading material or books. If desired, you may want to bring an inspirational book as a way to pass time or distract yourself. You may also want to write while you’re in rehab, so a notebook or journal may also be helpful.

Take the First Step Toward Treatment

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