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Luxury Sex Addiction Treatment Near Me

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According to Primary Psychiatry, sex addiction could potentially affect somewhere between 5 and 6 percent people. While sex is a healthy and essential behavior, sex addiction is a destructive condition that can have devastating consequences in a person’s life. If sex addition is an issue for you, luxury sex addiction treatment can help you address the problem before it causes more extensive problems in your life.

What Constitutes Sex Addiction?

It can be hard to define the precise line between healthy sexual behavioral and sex addiction. While normal sexual behavior varies somewhat between individuals and libido levels, for some individuals, their desire for sex overwhelms them, causing various issues in their lives. People who suffer from sex addiction may:

  • Endanger their health in an effort to seek out sex
  • Use sex or porn as a means to relieve stressful circumstances
  • Have legal issues because of sexual behavior
  • Avoid dating or substantial relationships in the interest of only having sex
  • Try to stop having compulsive sex without success
  • Feel bad about their sexual activities but are ultimately unable to stop them

In addition, those who suffer from sex addiction experience issues in other areas of their life as a result of their sexual activities. These issues may include:

  • Infidelity with a romantic partner
  • Poor work performance because their focus is on sex
  • Damage to professional or personal reputation
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

“Sex addicts are often dishonest with their partners regarding their sexual activity.”Sex addicts are often dishonest with their partners regarding their sexual activity. Some sex addicts cheat on their partners, sleeping with other men and women, and opening up their partners to potential STDs as a result. Other sex addicts lie to their partners about the time they spend watching pornography, masturbating or in online sexual chat rooms.

When your sexual behavior is having a negative influence on other areas of your life – your job, relationships or health – it’s time to take action and seek out the help of a luxury sex addiction treatment program. With the proper care, you can achieve balance in your sexual life and maintain the integrity of your relationships.

What Happens in Luxury Sex Rehab?

In luxury rehab, you will identify the core issues behind your disordered sexual behavior. As with any addiction, there are reasons that led to the behavior in the first place. If you don’t deal with those specific issues, it’s likely that the behavior will continue.

This work takes place in both individual and group therapy sessions. In individual sessions, you’ll meet with a therapist to discuss these matters. In most luxury sex rehab centers, these meetings take place with a therapist who specializes in sex addiction treatment. While some centers offer general drug addiction rehab programs, it’s helpful to get more specialized care to address the intricacies of sex addiction.

Group therapy sessions can also be incredibly helpful in the recovery process from sex addiction. In group therapy, you’ll meet with other recovering sex addicts and you can learn from their experiences throughout the recovery process. Group therapy helps addicts to realize they are not alone in their journey, that others have struggled with the same issues they are struggling with – and ultimately persevered.

Whereas other addictions, such as those to alcohol and drugs, may require that addicts leave the substance of abuse behind altogether, this is not the case with sex addiction. Instead, luxury sex rehab programs work to help patients establish a new, healthy relationship with sex so they can partake in this very healthy behavior in a balanced manner.

Oftentimes, couples counseling is an indispensable component of treatment at a luxury sex addiction treatment center. Relationships are often damaged greatly during active sex addiction, so couples counseling can be essential to repair the damage. It’s quite common for this counseling to continue after the patient has graduated from the sex addiction rehab program.

Free Online Insurance Coverage Checker for Sex Rehab

Use the free online insurance coverage checker tool below to find out if your health insurance provides coverage for sex addiction rehab and other rehabilitation treatment plans for substance abuse recovery.

Aftercare for Sex Addiction

the outside of a luxurious rehab facilityLike all addictions, sex addiction is a chronic condition; it isn’t magically cured after a stay at a luxury sex rehab center. Instead, the patient must be committed to their ongoing recovery. Most luxury sex addiction treatment programs offer a thorough aftercare program for their patients. This may take the form of ongoing outpatient care, where patients continue to attend therapy sessions at the facility on a weekly or monthly basis. Outpatient care is a solid way to reinforce your recovery once you exit the safe environment of an inpatient facility.

In addition, luxury treatment programs may offer touchup sessions; these are sometimes weekend treatment programs where recovering sex addicts can revisit the things they learned in treatment and recommit to their recovery. These weekends are particularly helpful for those who have suffered a relapse in their recovery journey.

Some recovering addicts find it helpful to attend Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) meetings in their local area. Based on the 12-step model of Alcoholics Anonymous, SAA is a place where recovering sex addicts can meet and discuss their struggles and victories in recovery. The only requirement to attend SAA meetings is the desire to stop your addictive sexual activities. At meetings, you can gain support from other recovering addicts and give your support to them. With this support gained at Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings, many recovering sex addicts are able to gain a stronger foothold in their recovery, enabling them to better withstand the temptations of relapse.

Learn More About Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab Options

If you struggle with sex addiction, there is real help available. You don’t have to let sexual behaviors have control of your life and damage your relationships. Call us today, and we can connect you with a luxury sex addiction treatment center that can help you regain a healthy relationship with sex. We are here 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have. Call now at .

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