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Facility Reviews invites you to make a difference for the thousands of people who visit our site each month when deciding on a treatment center. You can help them make the best choice by completing a simple facility review and rating survey. It takes just a few minutes and can make a world of difference for those struggling with this important decision. How does your collected data help? Read more about our review process.

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I have attended a treatment center

Take this survey if you were personally enrolled at a treatment center.

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My loved one/patient has attended a treatment center

Choose this survey if a friend, family member or patient of yours has been enrolled at a treatment center.

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I have worked at a treatment center

This survey is meant for current or previous staff members at a treatment center.

Write a review of the treatment experience for yourself or your loved one so that others can enter into the recovery process knowing what to expect. Reviews of rehabilitation centers help those looking for treatment better understand what the countless drug rehab options actually offer in terms of quality, comfort, and care. We look to other’s recommendations for products to buy, restaurants to eat at, places to visit — why not for the one of the most important decisions we can make?

Many people do not know what to expect when they begin their recovery journey. The facility ratings and descriptions that you provide help to clarify the pros and cons of specific programs. Providing treatment feedback can clear up questions or doubts someone may have about a particular rehab program or facility. Were the rooms crowded and awful? Tell us about it. Was the staff consistently attentive and encouraging? We want to know. Was the whole treatment program pretty average or was it the best program you’ve been in? Share that information with others.

By leaving a review, you can help those looking for addiction treatment select a high quality rehab program, whether that means steering them away from poor treatment practices or recommending a program that has changed your life or the life of someone you care about. Leave a review of a rehab center today and help countless struggling addicts find help.


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