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Five Uplifting Activity Ideas for Wellbeing

Throughout the year, it is important to be engaged in activities that are energizing, uplifting, and beneficial to your overall wellbeing – especially as it seems that our world only circulates bad news. The wellness activities you partake in may look different for each individual, and in general, they can take various forms. This article will outline five ideas for uplifting activities to engage in this month.

Spend Time Visiting and Talking with a Senior Citizen.

There is so much to learn from those who are older and more experienced than us. Have a conversation and learn more about them. In return, you can also teach them a new skill, such as how to use FaceTime, or tell them about an interesting article or book that you read recently. You never know but this conversation may lead to a long-lasting connection with many more visits to come.

Donate Food to Those in Need.

If you live in a city that has high levels of homelessness, make sure to not waste your leftovers, and instead, give your leftover food to people who would greatly appreciate it. You could also visit a homeless shelter and donate food and resources there, if you have access to this. Simply the act of giving and taking the time to have a kind interaction with another individual will be uplifting for both you as well as the receiver.

Create a “Gratitude Jar”.

Write down one thing you are grateful on a slip of paper for every day for the entirety of the month. Put each piece of paper into a jar to read on the last day of the month. The purpose of this is to realize that happiness can stem from daily events, even though at times the bad memories may seem to be clouding everything. Cherish each good memory and reason to feel grateful.

Care for the Environment.

Spread awareness about the importance of caring for our environment, or choose to support another cause that you are passionate about. In terms of caring for the environment, you can reduce plastic usage by always bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and using environmentally-friendly containers for food. Dedicating yourself to a cause like caring for the environment can be a very uplifting and energizing experience, especially when you also branch out to educating and spreading awareness to others about your objective.

Consistently Practice Mindfulness.

Set aside 5-10 minutes per day, as designated “quiet time”. Use these moments to reflect on your day, do yoga, listen to music, or meditate. ​Living in the present, or practicing mindfulness, leads to improved mental and physical health, in addition to an elevated quality of life overall. It is important to implement this practice consistently over time in order to see benefits in your wellbeing.

There are a number of beneficial apps that can be used at any time or place for short periods of mindfulness throughout your day. Try these apps: Calm, Take a Chill, Headspace, Pacifica, or Insight Timer.

Try out what works best for you, and remember that taking care of yourself makes you stronger.