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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Near Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Taking the first step toward recovery from substance use disorder in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, is a crucial decision. Understanding available treatment options and payment choices is vital to embark on a successful journey to recovery. For free assistance, call to connect with an admissions navigator who can help.

Treatment Centers near Monroeville, PA

Recovery Centers of America at Monroeville
2380 McGinley Road Monroeville, PA 15146
Pyramid Healthcare Pittsburgh Detox and Residential Treatment Center
306 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15221
- 5 Miles Away
DreamLife Recovery Center
212 Snyder Rd Donegal, PA 15238
- 10 Miles Away
Trinity Wellness Services (Now Merged With Trilogy Wellness)
3960 William Flynn Highway, Suite 250 Allison Park, PA 15101
- 14 Miles Away
Jade Wellness Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Center
4105 Monroeville Blvd Monroeville, PA 15146
Greenbriar Treatment Center - Monroeville
400 Penn Center Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15235
- 4 Miles Away
Allied Addiction Recovery, LLC
787 Pine Valley Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15239
- 4 Miles Away
UPMC McKeesport
1500 5th Avenue McKeesport, PA 15132
- 5 Miles Away
Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery (POWER)
7445 Church Street Pittsburgh, PA 15218
- 6 Miles Away
Mon Yough Community Services Addiction Trt and Intervention Servs
335 Shaw Avenue McKeesport, PA 15132
- 7 Miles Away
New Freedom Recovery Center
2000 Commerce Loop Irwin, PA 15642
- 7 Miles Away
Passages to Recovery
225 West 7th Avenue Homestead, PA 15120
- 7 Miles Away
1800 West Street Homestead, PA 15120
- 7 Miles Away
Western PA Adult & Teen Challenge
220 Challenge Ln Cheswick, PA 15024
- 8 Miles Away
Gateway Rehabilitation Center - Squirrel Hill
5818 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217
- 8 Miles Away
Greenbriar Treatment Center Squirrel Hill
1928 1/2 Murray Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217
- 8 Miles Away
Pittsburgh Comprehensive Treatment Center
1391 Washington Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15206
- 8 Miles Away
Three Rivers Youth
6117 Broad Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206
- 8 Miles Away
Alpha House
435 Shady Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206
- 8 Miles Away
Greenbriar - New Kensington
701 4th Avenue New Kensington, PA 15068
- 9 Miles Away
Southwestern Behavioral Care Inc
3 Kensington Square New Kensington, PA 15068
- 9 Miles Away
Sojourner House
5460 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206
- 9 Miles Away
Gateway Rehabilitation Center - Fox Chapel
1360 Old Freeport Road Pittsburgh, PA 15238
- 10 Miles Away
Persad Center
5301 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201
- 10 Miles Away
Progressive Medical Specialist
2900 Smallman Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201
- 11 Miles Away
Greenbriar Treatment Center - South Hills
101 Town Square Way Pittsburgh, PA 15227
- 11 Miles Away
Alternatives Regional Chemical
70 South 22nd Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203
- 11 Miles Away
Laurelcare South West LLC
1200 Brooks Lane Clairton, PA 15025
- 11 Miles Away
JADE Wellness Center Southside
809 Bingham Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203
- 11 Miles Away
Pittsburgh Mercy Mercy Behavioral Health
330 South 9th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203
- 11 Miles Away
UPMC Mercy Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility
1400 Locust Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219
- 11 Miles Away
Pyramid Healthcare Pittsburgh Outpatient Treatment Center
1401 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219
- 11 Miles Away
843 Climax Street Pittsburgh, PA 15210
- 11 Miles Away
ARC Manor Addiction Recovery Center
200 Oak Avenue Kittanning, PA 16201
- 12 Miles Away
Alliance Medical Services Inc Pittsburgh
729 Ensign Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15226
- 13 Miles Away
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
University Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15240
- 13 Miles Away
MedMark Treatment Centers Greensburg
1037 Compass Circle Greensburg, PA 15601
- 14 Miles Away
Allied Addiction Recovery LLC
766 East Pittsburgh Street Greensburg, PA 15601
- 14 Miles Away
Outside In
580 Feightner Road Greensburg, PA 15601
- 14 Miles Away
Clear Day Treatment Center
1037 Compass Circle Greensburg, PA 15601
- 14 Miles Away
203 South Maple Avenue Greensburg, PA 15601
- 14 Miles Away
Gateway Rehabilitation Center - Greensburg
212 Outlet Way Greensburg, PA 15601
- 14 Miles Away
Tadiso Incorporated
1425 Beaver Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233
- 14 Miles Away
The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center
865 West North Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233
- 14 Miles Away
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Information About Rehab in Monroeville

Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Pennsylvania

Jade Wellness Center

I\'m no stranger to various Rehab facilities in the Pittsburgh area. And Jade Wellness is, by far, the very best among them. My continuing recovery and improving health is all due to their highly-trained staff of counselors, as well as the Physicians who oversee the patients\' care. If you\'re serious about starting a new way of life...this is the place for you.

- Fred Taylor
5 out of 5
Monroeville, PA
Area Information

Nestled in Allegheny County, Monroeville is a vibrant town known for its welcoming community and convenient location. Its proximity to Pittsburgh provides residents with access to urban amenities while enjoying a suburban lifestyle. With a diverse population of around 28,0001 and a range of recreational activities, Monroeville offers a well-rounded living experience.

Substance Misuse and Addiction in Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Substance misuse and addiction pose significant challenges in Allegheny County, the county in which Monroeville is located. A recent report from the Medical Examiner’s office reveals that 719 overdose deaths were recorded in 2021 alone.2 This staggering figure represents 25 percent of all deaths within the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner’s office, marking a five percent increase from the previous year.2

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Embarking on the journey to recovery involves exploring various rehab options and programs tailored to treat addiction. Each individual’s path is unique, and rehab facilities are equipped to address diverse needs and stages of recovery.

What Happens in Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Rehabilitation involves multiple levels of care, including detox, inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare. These stages cater to individuals at different points in their recovery journey, providing the necessary support for a comprehensive healing process.

Detox Programs

Detoxification, often the initial stage of the recovery journey, plays a critical role in addressing the physiological aspects of substance use disorder. Medically monitored detox programs are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals undergoing withdrawal. Trained healthcare professionals closely observe patients, administering medications to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with discontinuing substance use. This phase is crucial as it helps clear the body of toxins and sets the foundation for subsequent treatment modalities.

How Long Is Detox in Rehab?

While the duration of detox can vary based on individual factors such as the type of substance, duration of use, and overall health, it generally spans from 3 to 7 days. The comprehensive care offered during detox ensures a smoother transition to the next stages of rehabilitation, promoting a more effective and sustainable recovery.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient drug rehabilitation represents a more immersive and structured approach to healing. These programs typically last for 30, 60, or 90 days, providing individuals with a therapeutic environment where they can focus solely on their recovery. Inpatient facilities offer a range of therapeutic interventions, including individual counseling, group therapy, and holistic approaches to address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction. One key aspect of inpatient drug rehab is the incorporation of group therapy sessions, fostering a sense of community and support among individuals facing similar challenges. Additionally, these programs are equipped to address any co-occurring disorders that may accompany substance use, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to each individual’s unique needs.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient rehabilitation offers a flexible yet comprehensive approach to addiction recovery, making it well-suited for individuals with a supportive home environment. Participants in outpatient programs engage in regular therapy sessions, including both individual and group sessions, to address the underlying causes of addiction. The flexible scheduling allows individuals to continue with their daily responsibilities while actively participating in their recovery journey. A distinctive feature of outpatient treatment is its emphasis on aftercare and relapse prevention strategies. As individuals progress through the program, they learn essential coping mechanisms, stress management skills, and strategies to navigate the challenges of everyday life without resorting to substance use.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The prospect of paying for rehab can be daunting, but it should not prevent anyone from seeking help. Various options and resources are available to help alleviate the financial burden. such as:

Does Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Drug rehab is often at least partially covered by insurance, making treatment more accessible and affordable. Widely accepted drug rehab insurances include:

To determine how your addiction treatment is covered, call us today at for a free insurance verification.

Finding The Best Rehab Center

Monroeville, Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities

Our rehab locator tool assists individuals in finding nearby facilities, whether in Pennsylvania or beyond. While in-state options are available, going out of state is often recommended to minimize distractions during treatment.

Why Choose AAC Rehab Facilities

Backed by a 90-day guarantee, all American Addiction Center (AAC) facilities offer numerous amenities and accept various insurances, ensuring a comprehensive and supportive environment for recovery. AAC centers are located across the country and include:

Our facilities also provide diverse treatment tracks, including specialized programs for LGBTQ+, veterans, and other specific needs, ensuring personalized and inclusive care for all individuals seeking recovery.

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  2. Office of the Medical Examiner. Allegheny County. Allegheny County Reports 719 Overdose Deaths in 2021. July 8, 2022.