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Pioneer Center East

3400 West Garland Avenue, Spokane, Washington, 99205
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About Pioneer Center East

Pioneer Center East is a 53-bed, long-term residential substance abuse treatment facility for the chronically addicted. Most patients have been involuntarily committed, perhaps because they were unsuccessful in other treatment programs, and may pose a threat to themselves or others. Services include detoxification, anger management classes, relapse prevention, life skills, nutrition, fitness, meditation, and aftercare planning.

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Very few of the staff are nice, the girls get treated badly by staff woman especially the ladies who works nights, and they let you get bullied by the woman who are there and on doc,or coming from jail they let the bullying go on and on and they don't care.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
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How can I write my own review for PCE? Pioneer center East is an amazing place. PCE is probably the best treatment center ever. Atleast it's the best I've ever been to. The staff care alot about you , the counselors care , groups and classes are amazing and very helpful. I plan to work and apply to work at PCe . I just need 13 months clean time and I'm working towards that . I am very excited to work there and help the guys and girls that are there and in the situation I was in. I am so greatful for PCE being there for all there help . I can't wait to become part of the PCE family. Love you PCE.
Leo H
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
I went here in summer/fall 2011 and yes one can focus on the crappy food or the sub par accommodations or say the staff wasn’t “polite” to them or whatever else of a reason for them not to be there but I can say I didn’t like it all either but I went there and picked up what I could sure I didn’t get it immediately after I left there but I’ll say this much, I left there there in fall 2011 and fell I learned some more skills to help me with the mindset of having to really quit drinking because I honestly think if I didn’t pick up the simple What do I want What am I doing to get it Is it working Do I need a new plan This concept has changed my life, I likely wouldn’t had been able to quit drinking w/o these tools I learned there and haven’t had alcohol since 2013. Thank you PCN east
What does the rec. Specialist actually do. 45 min a week ......... you got paid to be there. I didn't If my omition is deleted i will find something that will affect them
Inpatient treatment facilities vary in many ways. Counselors and staff turn over. But a facilities approach towards treatment and conduct generally remain the same. I did 60 days with PCE in fall/winter 2009 and another 60 in spring/summer 2010. I found it to be lacking the fluff that I experienced at other facilities. I have also found that a large number of PCE grads who had been through multiple treatments, including myself, attribute a large portion of our continued sobriety to the realities we encountered and accepted while we were at PCE. For myself this included my attitude towards treatment, recovery, and ultimately owning my part. It was one morning about five weeks into my second round when I flipped the switch. So I got it, from PCE and straight to Oxford House! To describe the 8 yrs. to now would just sound like lip service and I really don't like "bad meetings". PCE, thanks for keeping it real! Thank you all, I do remember you, and many more! Peace