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Las Encinas Hospital

2900 East Del Mar Boulevard, Pasadena, California, 91107
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  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
This place is great I was in mariah west for treatment 6 days was the best treatment for me all staff and nurses and doctors excellent I continue to make progress have never been treated so well with kindness compassion and understanding excellent work guys at mariah west
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
I called this AM to see how my family member was doing, as I could hear in their voice that they were crying during a previous phone call, and the Mental Health Worker, ANNABELLE, informed me she was not responding to them informing her of my phone call and stated, "she's crying like a little girl". At this moment, I abruptly excused her and informed her that this was no way to speak to a family member regarding her patient and it highlights the lack of respect she has for the patient and she laughed and replied, "well sorry, it's just 'cause she's 22 and she is crying like a little girl and I'm trying to help her- whats wrong with her" I went on to explain that crying is an appropriate response to stress and it does not alert to anything being "wrong" with an individual. I added that she is frustrated because she has yet to speak to a doctor and wants to go home. Moments later, I called to speak to the RN and requested he transfer me to the appropriate party to make a complaint against the Mental Health Worker and he agreed to help. As I explained the event, he stated, "Well, I spoke to her and told her that she can't speak to family members like that." I expressed that this comment does not assure me, as a family member, that my family member is receiving appropriate and respectful treatment from the Mental Health Worker. The RN, Andy, went on to add that my family member is being fed, offered medications, and given access to several amentities. The RN stated he would not allow Annabelle, Mental Health Worker, to conduct phone calls to family members further, however, this did not resolve anything for me. Mental Health Workers, despite tough circumstances (though I think a patient crying is hardly a "tough" circumstance), should remain professional and speak to all individuals with dignity and respect. If ANNABELLE, spoke to me this way, I can only begin to imagine the treatment my family is recieving from her, and this does not bring me comfort at all. On top of this, I called this evening, after speaking to my family member, and notified her nurse, Paul, that she was telling me she was in a lot of pain from her menstrual cycle and requested she be given more medicine to combat it. He replied, in a nasty and snappy tone, " yes, FINE, ill text the doctor and ask if he can prescribe her more, OKAY? BYE." The care they provide here is not care at all.
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
My daughter was sent here on a 51-50 involuntary hold. To preface this review I never expected the Ritz Hotel or that she would be treated like royalty. My 20 yr old daughter (with anxiety/mood issues) was placed in a ward with one older asian lady and ALL MEN, most of which had major mental issues/disorders. I find out that they intend to order a 52-50 (14 day hold) and request to speak to her doctor as she was NOT a threat to herself or anyone else which ARE the requirements for additional holds. I am told that her doctor just stepped out and will be back. An hour and a half later I'm told he's not returning that night so I ask them to call him for me. They text him twice, no response (luckily not an emergency I guess). Later I'm told by a receptionist that 'this is a hospital, we have patients with psychosis, what do you expect?' We'll I expect that my daughter will be safe and not abused and harassed. I'm also told that the doctors don't talk to family, they deal with the patients. The next day I drive back and let them know that I will be waiting in the lobby until I speak to someone, I'm told the social worker will speak to me. I never saw them. However after several hours a nurse did come and speak to me, she listened to my concerns and said she would do what she could. About 45 minutes later she came back and told me that she had spoken to the doctor and my daughter would be released within an hour or two. I believe this facility has a lot of legal issues currently pending and a history of these issues and worse I just wasn't willing to risk my daughter becoming another victim in there. I threatened to tell the story to anyone that was willing to listen and that seemed to make things move. Eventually her doctor showed up, he asked her 'are you suicidal' and 'are you a danger to others', she answered no to both and he released her....that was it! While waiting I heard horror story after horror story from other parents and family members coming in and out.
    I am extremely concerned after reading the horrific reviews about the facility. My loved one checked in today and I seriously want to go out there at 11pm and have him checked out. I’m so worried, this indeed is not comforting to hear/read about at ALL. If I call for an update don they actually let us speak to the patient?
    D. M.
    • Accommodations & Amenities
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    • Meals & Nutrition
    I have read the reviews on this site and it sounds like a lot has changed since I was here. My experience was a lifesaver! I am Dualdiagnose alcoholic/drug addiction/bipolar/ diabetic. I spent 17 days in this facility and wanted to stay longer as I was scared and did not trust myself out in the world. I attend meetings AA and Dual diagnoses AA meetings inside the facility . I worked with a Dr Manning and he finally got me dial in and on the correct medication and would keep Communication open with my outside Dr. I am sill on this exact medication he put me on. I attended there out patient program 5 days a week 9-5 and counselor for 6 weeks. I will have 10 years sober on 11/22/18 no Manic/ depression Episodes . I am so grateful for and to Las Encinas I would not have the life I have today without them. They gave me the tools to be able to stay sober and sain. Now I attend AA got a sponsor and did the 12 steps I would not have understand how viral this would be without the help of Las Encinas Rehab. All I can say is when you get clean it’s uncomfortable It’s not pretty remember that. It’s not a Vocation and you did not have control over your life before you walked into there doors. So let go and just listen just do your great thinking is not so great and that is why you are there. I am so great full I hope you get it!