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Cleanslate Outpatient Addiction Medicine

900 Memorial Avenue, West Springfield, Massachusetts, 01089
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  • Accommodations & Amenities
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I rarely have issues with the Ware facility. I\'m not saying I never have. There were huge issues before a few yrs back . I.e. test coming back positive when we all know too well it wasn\'t. This exact situation is why a great doctor left a while back. He knew what was going on and refused to allow it to happen to his patients which obviously caused conflict with corporate. I had a couple prescription issues around holidays which sucked but over the past 2 yrs I\'ve had no issues at all. My scripts are always there within a couple hours and none of my screens are coming back positive. I guess corporate realized that everyone caught on to what they were doing. The staff and doctors at the facility are great. They always have a smile on their face , are always in a great mood and definitely do not treat me badly. They show me the utmost respect as I do them.
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
I was a patient there for over two years. All of a sudden within the last month the urine samples were coming up with items that were not in my system. When you try to have a conversation about it with the doctors they called you a liar. So that day I went to another program and had my urine sample tested and it was clean. So they didn’t understand why you would get upset when they’re calling you a liar and when you tried to voice your opinion they kick you out and they called the police. Wow what a unprofessional company they are. Not to mention their lab states things and are not in your system. So they falsified records what’s really funny is on the same day I went to a lab to ensure that there wasn’t anything in my system and lo and behold just like I told Clean Slate there wasn’t anything in my system however they didn’t want to listen they just kick me out of the program. It has to do with money the bottom line the almighty dollar they want you to come in more so they get more money from the insurance companies instead of once a month oh you got to come in every week now. If I could give them a zero I would. If I could give them a zero for rating I would and I would tell you please please please do not go to Clean Slate they are unethical and unprofessional the doctors don’t know how to count the films and then when you try to have a conversation about that they get an indignant and they kick you out of the program and called the police. Please please do not go there you will be taken for your money and treated horribly. I guess it’s because their numbers must be down not so many people going there and they’ve cut the staff so there’s not enough staff. And it’s all about the almighty dollar they don’t care about you as people individuals as they care about is getting the next patient in. You wait your appointment you’re there on time and then you wait 45 minutes to get in to see a doctor because they’re not on time, They make you wait as well they’re awful. They lose prescriptions they don’t call the pharmacy it’s days sometimes before you get your prescriptions called in. I can’t stress enough do not if you value your self respect, you care about your time you care about your well-being you care about your finances. Do not go to Clean Slate they’re horrible horrible people in a horrible company
    I have been going to clean slate for 5yrs I have been clean for all but the first few weeks I started I have been going monthly for 2yrs never a problem but in the last few months I have noticed alot of staff turn over staff that was there for yrs has left Dr's are all different and I have some severe health issues and some meds were up and some other meds added well now in the last two months when I go I have noticed clinicians telling me I showed positive for methamphedamines I do not nor have I taken these things there accusing me of but they just simply say your positive so they take my monthlys away and put me back to every 2 weeks I have talked with many many patients in there that have had this happen to them. I spoke with my primary care Dr and he said its false positives and now because of all this stuff going on being accused of something I never took or will ever take I feel like I am being punished for this its like a kick in the stomach I have stayed clean and it makes you question the process I am not the only one this has happened to. I was told at a group meeting were not here to judge you or punish you only to help you well now 5yrs in there and clean I am questioning alot is it so they can now bill my insurance 2 times a month or what are they getting out of this its only one certain person that I see in there that is done this so I am questioning there motives if I took something illegal I would own it but I didn't so for every person that goes to clean slate in West Springfield clean slate that's had this problem with this stuff showing up I call false positives its very sad write in let them know I am not the only one this has happened to. Thanks
      Again like others have said prescription call ins to your pharmacy are never on time or sometimes late at night causing irratic trips to the pharmacy. The ware office is notorious for this and its very unprofessional!! New patients should seek other alternatives! This is not a very stable office
        I couldn't find one to review in Holyoke MA but judging by comments it's the same THING!!! Yes, they treat you are a convict. I been there for 3 years, every other 4 months it's a whole new staff. They make you pee in a cup, I never had a test that came back "dirty" in 3 years. They will also call you and have a woman watch you pee. They get so close to you it's weird.... VERY WEIRD. These people are not law enforcement, they should NOT be able to see you naked. They treat me, the same way they treat a junkie who goes in dirty every test. In fact, they treat you better!! If your clean all the time like me (I didn't go there because I was addicted to Dope or Pills, long story) they are always trying to "Catch me" it's highly annoying. NOW, I found out that a HNE no longer covers cleanslate, and cleanslate so I have bills up the roof. EVERY TIME THEY WATCH ME PEE IT COST ME 750$ I got to find a normal DR to just to give me a script and be done with it. They used to have 2 good Dr's who even told me "I should get out of there" now they have dummies. Also not everyone there is a Dr WHO SEE'S YOU BY THE WAY.