For Professionals

Who We Are

The mission of Pro Talk is to connect qualified addiction professionals with the individuals searching for answers on substance abuse and behavioral health.

What You Can Expect

The Pro Talk platform will elevate the caliber of addiction-focused content through strategic partnership with the best voices in the fields of treatment, recovery, prevention, policy and more. Our comprehensive, well-rounded collection of authoritative work will explore all sides of drug and alcohol addictions and behavioral disorders.

Perks for Pros

Pro Talk is an unprecedented opportunity for professionals to access the largest concentrated audience of addiction consumers in the digital space. Your original content will be syndicated across the network and partner publications, with a combined monthly reach of over 500,000 unique visitors. Expand your web presence, build professional relationships, and help individuals struggling with addiction find the answers they’re looking for.

Want to Contribute?

If you are an addiction professional interested in contributing content to our Pro Talk platform, please email us here.