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Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers for Couples Near Me

Achieving sobriety can be a difficult undertaking for anyone struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD). However, when partners in a romantic relationship are living with an SUD, achieving and maintaining sobriety can present even more of a challenge.

Couples or married partners who use alcohol or drugs often fight and experience ever-increasing emotional distance. This can lead to a cycle of increased substance use as one or both members of the couple continue to use alcohol or drugs for stress relief or as a means of escape from their problems. Luckily, there are rehab centers that focus on treating couples, regardless of whether they are cohabiting or married.

If you are searching for a couples rehab near me, you have options. There are treatment facilities throughout the U.S. that can provide specialized care for couples struggling with SUDs.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Relationships

SUDs affected 20.4 million Americans in 2019.1 Alcohol and drug addiction in couples can be a significant stressor that affects the mental and physical health of each person, as well as the overall health of the relationship. Addiction can create a toxic environment that leads to poor functioning inside and outside of the relationship, increased stress, and several other issues that can negatively impact all areas of life.

Some of the issues couples may experience related to SUDs include:2

  • Arguments about substance use or things related to substance use, such as avoiding responsibilities, money, or staying out late.
  • Engaging in codependent behaviors such as covering for a partner, making excuses for them, or calling in “sick” to work on their behalf.
  • Episodes of domestic violence.
  • Feeling that you or your partner need to drink or use drugs to alleviate stress related to your arguments about substance use.
  • Feeling that you or your partner need to use drugs or alcohol to be affectionate or intimate.
  • Increased isolation from friends or family, which typically occurs as a way of covering up the problem.

Can Couples Go to a Rehab Center Together?

Some rehab centers allow couples to attend treatment for SUDs together. Seeking treatment together at a rehab for couples can be beneficial for several reasons. Providing that both partners want to start the recovery process, a couples rehab center can help break the cycle of addiction and fortify the relationship by helping the couple uncover the issues that led to addiction in the first place.

Couples who are struggling with SUDs often experience difficulties with decision making, expressing feelings, finances, parenting, and setting boundaries. Couples’ addiction treatment may provide the counseling, education, and skills to help partners achieve improved ways of handling these difficulties.

Even if just one person in the relationship has an addiction, the other partner can benefit from couples’ drug rehab by learning to manage specific triggers and helping their partner stay sober.3 Research has shown that couples who enter treatment together consistently report greater reductions in substance use than patients who receive individual therapy.4

Whether one or both partners require addiction treatment, couples rehab can provide the tools needed to achieve and maintain sobriety.

What to Expect in Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Couples

No two couples seeking treatment are exactly alike, and each couple will require an individualized treatment plan. As in other treatment programs, a couples rehab program will generally follow a 4-step process:

  1. Patient assessment: Incoming couples will undergo a complete medical and psychiatric evaluation by an admissions navigator. This will help determine what level of care and path of treatment is needed.
  2. Detox: Continuum of care will include detox for some patients, although this is not always necessary.
  3. Addiction treatment: Couples will typically be provided a combination of behavioral, group, and individual counseling with couples-based therapy incorporated into the treatment regimen. This can take place in inpatient or outpatient settings.
  4. Aftercare: Once couples complete the steps above, they will continue working with a therapist to develop an aftercare plan. The goals of aftercare are to maintain recovery, identify ways to prevent relapse, and achieve a life with a sense of purpose and rewarding relationships.

In addition to the above, participants in couples rehab can expect to focus on the health of their relationship. Combining components of relationship counseling with addiction-focused couples therapy tackles issues from all angles, which can provide the best chance for recovery and for rehabilitating the relationship.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers for Couples

Couples alcohol rehab can be a beneficial way for couples to address their alcohol use and rebuild their relationship. Regardless of the extent of the alcohol use, couples counseling for alcoholism can provide several benefits for you and your partner and can help you achieve and maintain abstinence. Some therapies that you may participate in at a couples alcohol rehab include treatments such as behavioral couples therapy (BCT), which is geared toward helping you abstain from drinking and work on your relationship.5

Drug Addiction Rehab Centers for Couples

Regardless of the substance being used, couples drug rehab centers can help struggling partners overcome the negative cycle of drug and alcohol addiction and take back control of their relationship and their lives.  Couples drug treatment programs treat a wide range of substances, including:

Rehab can also help address and treat any co-occurring or dual diagnosis issues you or your partner may have, such as anxiety or depression.

Finding a Couples Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Me

When choosing a couples rehab center for you and a loved one, you have several options. Before you decide where to seek treatment, you should carefully consider the programs that are available to you to ensure you receive treatment tailored to your needs and your partner’s needs.

American Addiction Centers has locations throughout the United States, including  CaliforniaFloridaNew Jersey, Texas, and more. If there is not an appropriate rehab center near you, you may consider out-of-state treatment. You can use our directory to find inpatient and outpatient couples rehab facilities that provide expert addiction treatment services. We tailor our inpatient programs to the unique needs of every couple. Our facilities are staffed by professionals who can help you and your partner get started on the path to recovery.

What Treatment Program Is Best for Couples?

The right treatment for you and your loved one depends on several factors including your individual needs, combined needs, and any other unique circumstances within your relationship.

Couples rehab can be either inpatient or outpatient or a combination in which one partner is treated as an inpatient and the other as an outpatient. The format you select depends largely on your needs as a couple and whether one or both partners are experiencing SUD.

Throughout inpatient couples rehab treatment, the person struggling with addiction lives at an inpatient rehab facility, whereas outpatient rehab allows the person to continue living at home while receiving treatment at the facility during the week.

Regardless of the type of treatment program, research shows that partners who attend couples drug treatment centers together report a higher degree of abstinence, greater levels of satisfaction with the relationship, and better functioning within the family than couples who only opt for individual addiction treatment.3

Addressing addiction with the specific tools and methodologies used in couples rehab allows you both to focus on achieving and maintaining sobriety while strengthening your relationship. The potential result is long-lasting recovery, and a happier, healthier relationship free of substance use.

When choosing a couples rehab facility and program, you may wish to consider certain factors, such as:11

  • Cost.
  • Length of treatment.
  • Location.
  • Whether the program offers additional services, such as childcare.
  • Whether you or your partner require dual diagnosis treatment.
  • Whether you prefer a residential or outpatient program.
  • Your insurance coverage.

Does Insurance Cover Couples Rehab?

Insurance often covers at least some, if not all of, the cost of treatment. If your insurance does not cover the full amount, some facilities offer payment plans or sliding scales that consider factors such as your income and other financial obligations. You can check your insurance coverage online or by filling out the form below if you’d like to know whether your insurance may cover the cost of rehabilitation at an American Addiction Centers (AAC) facility.

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