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Crack Cocaine Addiction Self-Test: Am I Doing Too Much Crack Cocaine?

In couple minutes you can take this quiz to see how addicted you may be to crack cocaine. It’s always nice to check yourself and see if your use of a substance is getting out of hand. We all know life can get stressful at times and everyone can slip into some bad habits along the way.

The results of this quiz will show you if your crack cocaine use is showing addictive behaviors. Crack cocaine is a drug that can out of hand fast and without knowing you can find yourself in a sticky situation.

No matter what the outcome is, if you have any questions about the first steps of recovery you can give us a call and talk to addiction specialists free of charge. All conversations are private, and we can help you or a loved one to fight this. One step at time.

Self-Assessment Quiz

Crack Cocaine use

This 5-minute questionnaire is designed to evaluate whether you may have a dependence on crack cocaine, the freebase form of the illicit street drug cocaine.

This brief questionnaire will evaluate whether you may be experiencing a crack dependency. Crack is the smokable, freebase form of the street drug cocaine. These simple screening questions are based on criteria of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” for stimulant use disorder, which includes cocaine use.
Tests are fully confidential - no personal information will be shared when taking these quizzes here.