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Addiction And Treatment

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a complex and chronic condition characterized by an inability to control or consistently abstain from substance use in spite of all the harm it causes.1,2,3 In some cases, the road to addiction may start with intentional use of drugs and alcohol but, at some point, the person’s decision to continue using becomes increasingly out of their control.2,3,4 Eventually, seeking and consuming the drug/alcohol becomes a compulsion.2,3

Addiction affects the parts of the brain involved in reward and motivation, learning and memory, and control over behavior.1,2,3 Substance addiction is not a choice. It is influenced by many different factors, including genes, trauma, drug access, and community influences.In addition, different groups have unique issues that surround their addiction, and these people require tailored treatments that take into account culture, gender, age, and socioeconomic factors.5

Treating Addiction

Rehabilitation programs help many people with substance use disorders (SUDs) begin their recovery journey. The programs can help people through opioid treatment, marijuana treatment, cocaine treatment, and more. An alcohol and drug rehab program provides patients with comprehensive substance abuse treatment, consisting of individualized treatment plans, one-on-one therapy, group counseling, family therapy, support groups, and aftercare planning.2,4 These treatment interventions help patients build coping skills, improve communication with family members, practice sober social skills, and avoid triggers.3,6,7

Individual addictions and addiction-related health issues can be complicated. No two people are exactly the same, so addiction rehabilitation (rehab) programs will work to devise a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for each patient. For instance, one person may need medically managed detoxification (detox) followed by residential treatment. Another person may not require an intensive medical detox and would adequately benefit from an outpatient course of treatment.

A comprehensive substance abuse treatment plan is often divided into various stages, which may consist of  a detoxification period (medically detox, when necessary), rehabilitation counseling/therapy, and aftercare support.6,7 Depending on individual needs, the various points of treatment may be conducted on either an outpatient or inpatient basis.

The search for a quality addiction treatment program can be overwhelming. It can be confusing to navigate the many features of various available addiction treatment centers to find a facility that offers all the essentials for effective, quality care. Doing your due diligence is important in setting the course for your or a loved one’s sobriety and wellbeing. A quality rehab facility can mean the difference between continuing to struggle with substance abuse and freeing yourself from it once and for all.

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