Align This Box Around Your Face
How to use this app: Resize the box to fit your face by dragging the bottom right corner, then move the box as necessary. Next, click and move the eyes, nose, and mouth icons to be positioned over your eyes, nose and mouth.

While we hope you find this depiction fascinating, make no mistake: there's nothing funny about meth addiction. It can ruin your looks, your health, your relationships and your savings, and leave you behind bars or worse. If you or someone you love is struggling with meth abuse, we urge you to find help by visiting us at Rehabs.com

The costs of drug abuse are extraordinarily high. It endangers health and life, ruins relationships and puts abusers at odds with the law. Drug abuse can be insidious, slowly taking over all corners of a person's life, sometimes even rendering him/her unrecognizable.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate dramatically the immense toll that drugs like Meth can have on one's appearance and the seriousness of addiction. This extreme physical deterioration is often representative of further destruction taking place within an addict's personal, family and social life.

Use these representative images to remind yourself and your loved one(s) of just how bad things can become, and know that drug abuse is an absolutely serious matter. The physical transformation that prolonged drug abuse can cause is just the tip of the iceberg, merely an immediate and dramatic representation of the life-altering destruction that addiction can create.

How To Use The App:

If you have chosen to use your webcam, make sure to enable your webcam by clicking 'allow' in the drop down that appeared at the top of the screen

Once you have captured the photo you intend to use, an alignment box will appear on the screen.

Simply drag the box so that the box's border fits snugly around the perimeter of your face.

You can drag the borders of the box to change its shape.

Once the box is aligned around your face, drag the eyes, nose and mouth icons over the corresponding features on your face.

Click next when you're done!