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WellPoint Cocaine Addiction Rehab Insurance Coverage

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that can cause addiction after just one use. Cocaine affects many parts of the brain after frequent use because it disrupts the brain’s communication process, causing to brain to release excessive amounts of dopamine when the drug enters it. This causes euphoria, which gives the user a high – a feeling of alertness and energy that is very short-lived. Depending on how cocaine is administered, the high can last anywhere from five minutes to as long as 30 minutes. In order to make the euphoria last longer, a user may increase the dose each time, which can lead to severe health and mental effects and even a fatal overdose.

Does WellPoint Cover Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Yes, they do cover rehab treatment for cocaine addiction. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, all insurance companies are required to conform to certain standards of substance abuse coverage. While WellPoint offers benefits for cocaine addiction treatment, they also have some limitations. The specific policy you choose will determine how much you’ll pay out of your own pocket when you receive treatment.

Check Your WellPoint Insurance Coverage

Knowing exactly what WellPoint cover can give you peace of mind while you or your loved one is in cocaine rehab. You can do the work of getting and staying sober without worrying about unexpected costs or financial struggles. For more information on WellPoint insurance plans and to check what your cocaine rehabilitation plan is included, call , click here, or fill out the form below.

Inpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment are both effective treatments. Here’s a little more about how each type of treatment works.

  • Inpatient Addiction Treatment – Inpatient treatment generally requires that the recovering addict spend 24 hours a day at the facility, in the treatment program. The recovering addict spends their time working on recovering from their addiction, in the presence of staff members and certified addiction counselors.
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment – Outpatient treatment isn’t quite as rigorous as inpatient, but it can still be very effective. In this type of treatment, the recovering addict sleeps off site (at home or elsewhere) and goes to the treatment facility in regular intervals. During the time they are in treatment, they may participate in work groups, one-on-one therapy, group therapy and other recovery exercises.

Do Out-of-State Cocaine Rehab Centers Accept WellPoint Insurance?

It depends on whether or not you have out-of-network coverage or access to a national network. Depending on where you live, you may be able to choose between different networks.

If you chose an EMO or HMO network, your policy will probably only pay benefits for services you receive in-network. However, if your policy offers a PPO network and offers national coverage, you may be able to receive in-network benefits for using an out-of-state treatment center.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

It’s ideal to have insurance if you need cocaine addiction treatment. However, if you find yourself without insurance and need treatment, here are some options you can look into:

  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Using credit to pay for treatment (in-house or other credit)
  • Treatment programs offered by your local city or state

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, each year there is an annual open enrollment period that allows you to apply for a health insurance plan with cocaine addiction treatment benefits. In addition, you might qualify to sign up for insurance mid-year because of a life event such as; divorce, marriage, loss of coverage or another event.

Call Our Helpline to Determine Your WellPoint Rehab Options

If you are experiencing problems with cocaine addiction, and you are ready to get help, call our helpline and let us help you determine your options. Call us now at .

Frequently Asked Questions About WellPoint

Note: The information above is not a guarantee of benefits. If you have specific questions about WellPoint Insurance for Cocaine Addiction Treatment, call us at .

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