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What You Need to Know About 25i

A new synthetic drug known as 25i-NBOMe is proving exceptionally dangerous, especially among the teen and early adult scenes. 25i-NBOMe, also called “25i” and “N-bomb,” has caused multiple overdose deaths. In fact, this single synthetic drug is responsible for an astounding 19 deaths over the last 12 months.

Teenage Collateral

Deaths caused by 25i have been reported in California, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Virginia. Among those fatalities is a teenager who fell to his death shortly after taking 25i. Convinced he could fly, the teen leapt off a balcony and died instantly.

The latest 25i scare is linked to a disturbing incident that occurred in Loudoun County, Virginia. Shortly after taking the synthetic drug, three female teens started to experience alarming side effects. The girls, whose ages range from 13 to 18 years old, were rushed to the hospital for treatment and observation.

The Rise of 25i

When recreationally consumed, 25i binds to receptors in the nervous system, causing erratic and psychotic behaviors.25i was discovered in 2003 by German scientist Ralf Heim, who was seeking to monitor brain waves. The drug itself is derived from mescaline, a naturally occurring hallucinogen found in the peyote cactus. When recreationally consumed, 25i binds to receptors in the nervous system, causing erratic and psychotic behaviors.

Sold for $5 to $10 per dose, synthetic 25i comes in a powder form that can be snorted. It can also be turned to liquid form and applied to blotter paper. The paper is then cut into small squares and placed in the mouth. Finally, 25i can be absorbed through the skin, making it hazardous for anyone handling the drug.

Dangerous Effects

25i’s effects are initially similar to those of LSD, but can lead to severe disorientation and violent outbursts. Mental effects include hallucinations, psychosis, violent aggression, and suicidal thoughts. The physical effects include rapid heart rate, seizures, nausea, brain damage, organ damage, and possible death. Symptoms gain intensity and duration with dosage.

Research and Statistics

  • Snorting 25i powder appears to be the most dangerous route of administration.
  • The drug is extremely potent, posing danger even in the microgram range.
  • The addictive potential has yet to be determined or understood.
  • 25i should be a major concern among parents of teenagers, as this particular synthetic drug can be manufactured at home by anyone with a basic understanding of chemistry.
  • Tolerance builds rapidly after the first use, leading many to increase dosage amounts with each subsequent use.

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